Camila Cabello is shown in a swimsuit and they call her brave, an activist speaks on the subject

The Cuban has been the target of much criticism for showing her natural body, and her photographs in an orange swimsuit have given a lot to talk about in recent days. This caused many media to call her brave for showing the peach with cellulite, her attitude that a activist He failed and affirmed that with this it is clear that body diversity is not yet accepted.

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Camila Cabello was taking a vacation a few weeks ago on the coast of Naples, a paradise where she wore and was captured by a paparazzi from Daily Mailmedium that published different photographs of the singer with an orange swimsuit, causing an impact due to her cellulite.

Immediately, many users fell into body shaming (making someone ashamed of their body), degrading comments towards the physique of Camila Hairadding adjectives like “bofa”, “obese”, “full of cellulite”, and some more offensive ones.

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Immediately more media published the Photographs but making the message more friendly and placing the singer as a brave person who shows her imperfections, headlines like, “Camila Cabello gives a message of self-love” or “Lessons of self-love”.

Faced with this situation, the activist immediately Rachel Carreraco-creator of the body positivity platform SoyCurvy and co-creator of the book “the revolution of self-love”, gave her opinion about making Camila Cabello brave just for showing her body.

A person is not brave to show a body that is not up to standard. The fact of emphasizing that showing a body outside the canon is a brave or instructive attitude occurs because, deep down, body diversity is not yet accepted

One point in which he is right, they continue to have us so accustomed to bodies created in photoshop and women who do not exist, in addition to the fact that the value of a woman continues to fall more on the physical than on the goals she achieves throughout her life.

This is not the first time that Camila Cabello has been the victim of ridicule on social networks, it was in 2019 during a vacation in Miamiwhen the criticism against her body began, although the singer immediately did not hesitate to respond to such offensive comments, putting them in their place.

Raquel Carrera invites us to reflect about how dangerous it is to fall into the belief that no woman is enough, and I’ll leave this thought in the air to finish,

Camila Cabello is not enough selling millions of albums, always appearing in the rankings of most listened to Spotify and starring in movies because she has cellulite? What should the rest of us believe then?

We must stop giving opinions about other people’s bodies and blinding ourselves to a reality that does not exist.

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