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2022 had a bit of everything. A year that coronavirus cases decreased, Argentina emerged champion of the World Cup in Qatar, celebrities who separated, as well as the confirmation of some courtships. One of them was the controversial relationship between Rodrigo dePaul Y Tini Stoessel.

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In that context, camila homs It was the most notable because it was commented that Rodrigo de Paul would have left her when she was still pregnant to start a relationship with Tini Stoessel, who would be the “apple of contention.”

After her name was on the cover on more than one occasion in international media, the model told for the first time what his reaction was upon learning of the courtship between his ex-partner and the Argentine singer.

It is worth mentioning that the first photos confirming the romance between Tini and Rodrigo appeared only in April 2022. By then, the soccer player had separated from Camila for 10 months, a relationship of 11 years and two children in common, Francesca and Bautista.

“When Estefi threw that scoop, what was the first thing that happened to you? Did you believe him?” Camila was asked in a note that was issued for the same program.

It is worth mentioning that Estefi Berardi, in “Mañanísima”, told the scoop on the affair between the soccer player and the composer, which was later confirmed.

What was Camila Homs’s reaction?

“It was kind of shocking. Then I did what I had to do behind closed doors. And then I did what I had to do behind closed doors”, Camila pointed out.

Subsequently, the Multitalent agency model added that she does not have time for such things – referring to talking about Tini – because if she did, she would be the “queen of trout accounts”.

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