Camila Sodi imposes fashion with rabbit nails

Camila Sodi imposes youth fashion at 36 by showing off rabbit nails. Instagram Special

Through various stories on social networks, Camila Sodi imposed youth fashion At 36, since she boasted new colored rabbit nails, surely everyone was surprised with how good they look on this beauty, the woman with what she wears is divine.

Camila Sodi has always been known for wearing what she likes, she is one of the few artists who wears what she prefers regardless of criticism, and today she tried it, since set fashion with innovative colored nails and figures.

In this design, the big eared rabbits and colors, plus some hearts, unicorns, and teddy bears. These nails are an excellent option if you are a woman who likes extravagance or pastel colors.

The actress rarely shows us her taste in nails and boy did she shine, so if you are a fan of this kind of designsdo not hesitate to take ideas immediately, in addition to inform yourself about the trends that will dominate this 2023.

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Camila Sodi shows the ideal makeup for 2023

2023 is just about to start, so if you are thinking about how you will prepare to receive the year, Camila Sodi shared a video in which she shows off an elegant and simple makeup that will suit any outfit you choose.

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The first thing you need is to apply the makeup base of your choice, here it depends if you prefer a lot or a little coverage. Once you have the skin ready, Camila Sodi used a brown shadow and black eyeliner for further definition.

Camila Sodi imposes youth fashion at 36 by showing off rabbit nails. Instagram Special

For this one he opted for a Red lipstick, the old reliable as they say over there. This makeup is an excellent option if you are not a fan of using many products, so do not hesitate to recreate it this December 31 and highlight your authentic beauty.

Camila Sodi imposes youth fashion at 36 by showing off rabbit nails. Instagram Special

So far, they are the only news that this woman has shared in her social mediaalthough surely in later days he surprises us with more news, today it was the nails, tomorrow it could be a change in hair tone, you never know.

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