Camila Sodi strips naked on Instagram to talk about freedom

Camila Sodi caused a great surprise by daring to undress on Instagram to send a message about freedom to her more than two million followers.

Diego Luna’s ex showed two images in which, although her nudity is not seen in such detail, it can be clearly seen that she walks without clothes in a beautiful landscape, wearing white leather boots. He also took the opportunity to write: “I live in freedom every time I remember that this life is gone and the only thing that really matters is the love you give to yourself and the love you give to others.”

On the other hand, the actress spoke directly to each of her fans, advising: “Be free of your own and others’ judgments, mental ties, of your own mind and the limitations imposed by yourself and/or by society”.

So far, Thalía’s niece’s post has more than 160 thousand “likes” and almost 900 comments. Some people told her that she looks “beautifull” and expressed: “I love that way of thinkingbut others believe that the photos are “super tricked out”.

Along with her family, Sodi suffered the recent loss of Eva Mange, her great-grandmother and a woman who was key to their artistic development. However, many criticized the young woman for not speaking out about it or attending the wake.