Camile Lellouche terrified: She will have to separate from her daughter

Through Laura D’Angelo

– Modified 30 Jan 2023 at 12:00

For Version Femina, Camille Lellouche confided in her pain of having to part with her daughter to go back on stage.

Last October, Camille Lellouche announced with emotion the birth of her daughter, named Alma. I waited a short week to announce it because really, physically I couldn’t. I came home yesterday with this little wonder », she said on Instagram, adding that with her companion, they had set up a rotation to take care of the baby. My dear and tender is resting. We do the relay, that’s the advantage, we do little 4h/4h. Sometimes 3 hours, sometimes 2 hours. So I’m going to wake him up. It’s incredible. We’re gonna take care of this little beauty, get her back on her feet, prepare a nice tour and above all learn to speak much quieter I was thinking of making a little video with a little make-up, pretty, well presented after this majestic event. But in fact, in relation to physical force which is not, i think i’m going to stay natural. »she wrote.

Camille Lellouche, very close to her daughter

But his career also has an important place. Thereby, Camille Lellouche initially thought she could take her daughter wherever she went. Unfortunately, this was not the case. At first I wanted to, but there are too many colds and bronchiolitis in the winter, so she’s quietly staying warm at home and will probably come to the festivals this summer, when she’s a little older,” she said in an interview with Female version.

But the singer knows it, separating from her child is going to be very difficult. We made sure that, on half of the dates, I come home in the evening to always be with her. I haven’t been seeing her for just three days. It’s gonna be hard for me », she acknowledged. And to add: I can no longer detach myself from this little being. It’s crazy, we had not been told before. It’s getting stronger! »

His public, one of his priorities

But the artist knows how much his fans are waiting for him. Today, of course, my priority is my baby. Alma comes first. My audience is now my second family,” she confided. Family without whom she “wouldn’t be here”. ” I have to tell them: “I love you more than anything, but, before you, there is still my family!” » But Camille Lellouche says it herself: she does things 100%. She will have to multiply. “I’m not going with the back of the spoon. One of my character traits is to be 100%, I don’t know how to do otherwise. I give everything of my person, of my life. The stage and the different professions that I exercise are a visceral passion. It’s as simple as that. I compose, I write my songs, my sketches, I did twenty years of classical piano. All this I did not steal from anyone, I worked very hard. »