Camille Cerf deprived of New Year: the reason why the former Miss France spent the 31st in front of her TV

Camille Cerf spent her New Year’s Eve in front of her television. It was on Instagram, January 5, 2023, that she explained why.

New Year’s Eve didn’t quite go as planned for Camille Cerf. Indeed, the former Miss-France found herself in front of her television set as she explained on Instagram on January 5, 2023. But then, why couldn’t she come out? Well, quite simply because his companion Théo Fleury was sick. “We couldn’t do New Year’s Eve because Théo said he had the flu, but I still pimped myself for the evening” she said. On the program for lovers therefore: a little raclette and a TV program. “I like too much” has also commented on the main interested party.

Camille Cerf and Théo happier than ever

As a reminder, Camille Cerf and Théo Fleury have been in a relationship since 2021. It was in April that she revealed that she was no longer a heart to take after being the victim of a road accident. Between them, it all started with an Instagram message. I was coming out of a relationship that had been very difficult. I wanted to take time to find myself. Then while browsing my DMs, as I often do to read you and sometimes reply to you, I came across a message from him that made me laugh. We started talking, I went to see him and we never left each other” she explained a month later before revealing her face.

Since then, the lovers live the perfect love. Travel, birthday… Camille Cerf and Théo Fleury go through all the stages of life together, without forgetting that of moving in. In July 2022, they indeed unveiled the pictures of the magnificent house they acquired. At the same time, Camille Cerf assured that she was surprised by the time that the work can take. “It’s really longer than I had imagined. However, I was warned“, she confided. One thing is certain: the couple is ready to create their cocoon of love.