Camille Combal (Welcome Back, in 1993): this change of look that his wife Marie categorically refuses

This Friday, March 18, Camille Combal presents Welcome Back, in 1993, on TF1. A new program for which he sported a rather vintage look. A coquetry that his wife, Marie, completely refuses.

Camille Combal, he is the new star host of TF1. Since leaving C8 in 2018 to join the first channel, he has been given the reins of several programs. Obviously there is Dance with the stars which he brilliantly presents, but also Mask Singer, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ? and A gold family. And this Friday, March 18, Camille Combal will once again be present on TF1 with a brand new program.

It is Welcome Back, in 1993. For 2h30, the future dad will offer two teams of celebrities to go back in time and test their knowledge of the imposed year. Here, it is therefore the year 1993. The key: gifts for the public. This evening, Camille Combal will allow six personalities to travel through time. On one side there will be Michèle Laroque, Nolwenn Leroy and Michael Grégorio. And on the other Barbara Schulz, Jean-Luc Lemoine and Redouane Bougheraba. And the host already has other numbers Welcome Back below the elbow.

A mustache for Camille Combal?

A special episode on the year 2000 has already been filmed, as he confides exclusively for Gala. “The decor changes over the years: the furniture changes, the light changes, the objects change, the outfits too. We quickly find ourselves in the universe of the year, and in a crazy atmosphere because the guests play for their part of the public”, confided Camille Combal. In order to be totally in line with the theme, the host and the personalities will of course be dressed according to the chosen year. For this special Friday March 18, 1993, Camille Combal opted for a yellow shirt and an orange vest.

Also, Mary’s companion wore a nice mustache for the occasion. A coquetry that he could not keep, because he was shooting “the number on the year 2000 two days later”. The facilitator therefore had to be “clean shaven”. However, Camille Combal recognizes that he would very much like to wear a mustache. Except that his companion is not at all excited. “My dad always had a mustache, so I really want to try, maybe over a year, you see, but my girl doesn’t agreeso for now, I haven’t won this fight, then I have other fights to fight”, confided the presenter, who agreed to lower the weapons. For the moment ?