Camille Gottlieb: Glamorous and boosted princess for a drunken evening with her “half”!

The “bling-bling” princess is back. If the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the plans of some partygoers for a time, the latter have since found their marks. And Camille Gottlieb is not the last to find the dance floor. The youngest daughter of Stéphanie de Monaco is indeed, like many young women of 23 years old, fond of evenings in nightclubs. And to accompany it, there is one who is only asked a little, it is his “soulmate“, as she likes to call him: Medy Antony.

This Friday, May 6, 2022, while the day before Pauline Ducruet, her half-sister, attended the Chanel Cruise on the Rock show with her boyfriend Maxime Giaccardi, Camille Gottlieb obviously had a very good evening, well surrounded. On Instagram, the daughter of Princess Stéphanie – and Raymond Gottlieb – shared a few moments of her visit to the Red Room Monte Carlo, a posh club in Monaco. Black low-cut bustier and flashy pink blazer jacket, the young woman sported a stylish look and a glamorous and feminine look.

Who is Medy Antony, his “half”?

And it was naturally his most faithful sidekick who hid behind the lens: Medy Antony. It’s about his best friend for many years and Camille Gottlieb does little without him by her side. The 22-year-old princess even calls that last sound”soulmate” or “his half“, as often shared on his Instagram account. “Happy birthday to my better half“, she had sent him on October 17. On Instagram, this Friday, May 6, the BFFs by Camille Gottlieb also posted an adorable message on a post-it signed by “your wife (and only)“, and it may well be that these pretty words are those of Camille Gottlieb.