Camille Lacourt: His partner Alice Detollenaere makes him a surprising promise!

Public figure adored by the French, Camille Lacourt likes to share everything with her community. Even the toughest times. Especially when he loses a loved one, the ex-swimmer does not hesitate to pay his tribute public. Dad of a little Jazz with the ex-Miss France, Valérie Bègue, the athlete has found love in the arms of Alice Detollenaere. Together, the couple gives life to a little Marius! Very proud of his family, Camille says: “ It’s a dream come true (…) I am a modern father. Alice unfortunately cannot breastfeed Marius, so I give him the bottle with pleasure. Men of my generation are more involved in fatherhood, I find. “. But all is not rosy…

Camille Lacourt: An atypical promise

Indeed, his break with Valérie was not easy. The former professional athlete Explain : ” The separation with the mother of my daughter was very violent for me. There was a month where I think I hit depression. My friends were coming… I was drinking beer after beer for three or four days. I really needed to drink beers to sleep at night, not to talk. My friends were waiting for it to pass… And then I told myself that I had to stop. Otherwise we can’t make it! I said to myself: ‘You are lucky to have the sport to get out of it, take it! ». In addition, his new companion must undergo a removal of the breasts to avoid another cancer. A very brave act.

Camille Lacourt: His partner Alice Detollenaere makes him a surprising promise!
© Instagram / @alice_deto Happy blended family!

Alice, very followed on Instagram, does not hesitate to give advice or confide in her family life. She does not hesitate to talk about her worries as her little pleasures. She even recounts a rather funny episode in her couple: “ Guys, I’m at a ‘dead end’. I never passed my driving license, for a long time I lived it only in big cities and abroad where I did not need it. But for 4 years since I returned to France, I realize that I no longer have a choice, and I promised Camille. “. Yes, there is no age to pass the license!