Camille Lacourt, sports holidays with Alice Detollenaere and the children



Camille Lacourt, his partner Alice Detollenaere and their little blended family have granted themselves a stay in the South of France, in Marseille.

Family holidays. Camille Lacourt and his companion Alice Detollenaere offered themselves a getaway to Marseille. The small tribe, in full, was able to enjoy privileged moments in the South of France. Moments that the couple wanted to immortalize and share with their subscribers on their Instagram accounts. But between their 11 month old baby, Marius, the daughter of former swimmer Jazz (10 years old, born from his previous relationship with Valérie Bègue), as well as their big and young dog Sumo, the duo did not choose “the simplest formula.

“Family vacations are no longer relaxing,” wrote Alice Detollenaere with humor, describing her little blended family as “an odyssey (of) every day”. “But you have to believe that you like it when it’s complicated; Marius in my baby carrier, Sumo on a leash held by Jazz, Camille with the luggage, we manage to take the metro and the train not without a few cold sweats, ”she added. And if the holidays were rather sporting, for the mother, “the things that we love and in which we believe are worth taking the trouble for them”.

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Sunset, sea view, trip to the restaurant… For his part, the five-time world swimming champion also shared a series of photos of their stay. “Marseille baby”, he wrote under his publication.