Camille Lellouche: Her new title “OHNA” is a hit on the web!

This year, the Marrkech du Rire has once again met with impressive success! Each season, the public is present and eager to find their favorite comedians. Camille Lellouche was present, and proudly displayed her baby bump! The star is very happy to be expecting a baby, but she nevertheless confides with honesty and humor about the vagaries of pregnancy. On Mother’s Day, Camille went viral with this song: ” Today is my first Mother’s Day, I’m super happy, I have a little song to celebrate: I piss myself, when I laugh I sneeze and I cough. And I piss myself, for my first Mother’s Day, it’s really great! » . Fortunately, the singer has just released a more summery title! His song OHNA met with wild success. We tell you more.

Camille Lellouche, a polyglot personality!

Despite the vagaries and hormones of pregnancy, Camille says she is already fulfilled: “ I’m so happy to be pregnant, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. It’s a very beautiful moment… It’s not a very beautiful moment. The beautiful moment is when I’m going to give birth, when I’m going to see my baby, the love of my life » . But this pregnancy does not prevent the artist from delighting her fans with humorous videos, and even a new title! OHNA feat TAYC is available!

© Instagram @camillelellouche

On Instagram, Camille announce the release of their new song OHNA feat TAYC. A very fresh and summery new title that announces summer! Fans love it and comment: “ I love it, very gently, your two voices go together perfectly. Truly magnificent“, “ Amazing as always, never disappointed! You tear“, “ OHNA what sweetness, an ode to the heart“, “ This duo owes us an album, and I’m waiting for it with firm feet, let’s say next year! » . What does Camille Lellouche say? Case to follow!