Camille Lellouche saddened, she gives herself to her fans with an open heart

The weekend started in a mixed way for Camille Lellouche. While she was taking stock of her career this Friday, July 1, the singer expressed her sadness because of one detail in particular.

Camille Lellouche does not hesitate to regularly share her moods with her audience. So she revealed to them the truth behind her tears during her music video with Grand Corps Malade. In addition to her career, she recently announced a happy event to her fans: she will soon become a mother for the first time. Despite this beautiful announcement, the birth of her daughter will upset some of her plans a little, much to his regret. “I have some good news and some less good news which will become very good again. I had the Olympia on November 9 which was almost full. Except that as you know, I have a baby in my stomach so it will have to be taken out. In October I give birth! From there, I will have to rest a little and take care of my baby. To do this, I will therefore postpone this Olympia to February 10, and as a bonus, I will add two behind, so February 10, 11 and 12, 2023 ” announced Camille Lellouche on Instagram.

Camille Lellouche sad not to go on the radio

Although she is about to become a mother, the former candidate of The Voice don’t twiddle your thumbs though. Recently, Camille Lellouche released a song with Tayc which fits perfectly with the period since it is a summer title. If listening on streaming platforms is satisfactory, a detail saddens her. “My little loves, I’ve been watching the streams since then. Honestly, it’s great. This sound with Tayc, it’s a sound that I love. We’re on the radio a little bit in Belgium (…) c is rare as you know I don’t go on the radio. It’s every artist’s dream to be on the radio all the time (…) Fortunately, I have you on the networks. It pains me a little” confessed who has been the victim of domestic violence. Fortunately, her audience knows how to support her at all costs and she feels it. Camille Lellouche is aware that not all of the pieces in her repertoire are commercial enough to be broadcast. But nothing is yet decided with his new single, who knows…