Camille Lellouche: she reveals her amazing years of trouble with a very famous French singer

We know Camille Lellouche for her sense of humor and her self-mockery. However, she knows how to be touching and fair to talk about her journey. She has just proved it once again by participating in the podcast Elise and Julia this Tuesday, August 9, 2022.

Pregnancy is not a long calm river for Camille Lellouche. For several weeks, she has been having fun with her weight gain, or even sometimes unexpected reactions of his body. A new daily life to which she adapts somehow. Even if the moments of exhaustion are present, like all mothers, she nevertheless keeps her smile and this humor that we know her so well. A pregnancy that should end soon, sinceshe is due to give birth to her baby girl in October.

Revealed to the general public with the show The Voiceit is also on Instagram that she entertains her subscribers and takes pleasure in sharing her daily life with them. Even if it means parodying the world of influencers. However, the artist, recently present at the Marrakech du rire, has not always shone in the spotlight. At first she lived in the most complete anonymity, as chef in a restaurant. A difficult job that takes a lot of energy. She then works 14 hours a day, and knows the price of sacrifices to ensure a satisfactory lifestyle.

“It’s crazy, it’s beautiful, it’s a chance for us”

A past that she willingly discusses in the podcast Elise and Julia, available on Spotify and hosted by Elise Goldfarb and Julia Layani. In this episode, Camille Lellouche also returns to these evenings spent at the Orpheus, in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. An establishment in which she meets… Slimane! “We get drunk, it’s nonsense”still has fun today the accomplice of Grand Corps Malade, before specifying: “Slimane is my 15-year-old brother. We met, we were 20, we used to sing in bars, I went out to sing a lot. And at that time, Slimane is on the castings.”

He takes care of the castings of The Voice and tries to convince her to enroll, on several occasions. But she refuses. Both then live a bohemian life, make ends meet as best they can, but above all: they don’t forget to dream. “Slimane we have the same course, we shared the sandwiches. We struggled, struggled, he was in the locker room at the Orpheus. He told it, that’s why I allow myself to say it. Our journey, when we see each other, we look at each other, we cry, we know each other. It’s crazy. It’s beautiful, it’s a chance for us.” The rest of the story, we know it: a place in the semi-finals of The Voice for her, and a victory to The Voice for him. Then a crazy success, in particular thanks to its collaboration with Vitaa.