Camille Vásquez clarifies why she hugged Johnny Depp (and if there were also kisses) | Famous

Raúl de Molina interviewed the legal defender of Hispanic origin, who is 37 years old, to talk about her childhood as the daughter of a Colombian father and a Cuban mother, as well as her relationship with the actorwith whom it was initially speculated that they could have an affair.

Camille Vásquez and Johnny Depp were a couple?

Before it came to light that Camille had a boyfriend, a man originally from England with whom she began a courtship in November 2021, according to what she told El Gordo, it was speculated that she could have a relationship with Johnny Deppdue to the affectionate way in which he treated him at court.

The lawyer explained to Raúl why she was so affectionate: “He was going through something very difficult […] I have known him (for) many now, more than four years, he’s my friend, but he’s also my customer firstthis case was the most important for him, it was an honor for me to be able to represent him”.

She added that as a Hispanic woman she likes to express her support for her clientele: “I love my clients very much and I am Hispanic, I I like to hug and touch people“. But before the comment of Raúl de Molina about included kissesthe lawyer denied between laughs: ” kisses notbut I do give him a hug because he needed it,” he clarified about it.

The new life of Camille Vásquez after winning the trial of Johnny Depp

The lawyer confessed that her life took a complete turn, because now she is famous and they made her a partner in the law firm where she works, Brown Rudnick LLP, one of the most important law firms in the US.

“I was just doing my job, it is the most important thing for me and my life has changed […] This is a surprise of life, I never imagined that my life would change how it changed,” confessed de Molina.

After winning the case, Camille called her family to share her happiness, who were overjoyed at her win.

“We were hoping to win, we could win, we could do it because the most important thing for Johnny was being able to tell the truth,” he said of the trial.

Camille Vásquez: a lawyer who praised her Hispanic roots

Camille is the daughter of Latin parents, she spent her childhood at the Hilton hotel in Anaheim, very close to Disneyland, since her father worked for the aforementioned hotel chain.

The triumph of the trial not only makes her proud professionally, but also personally because, she said, she represented Hispanics.

“It was a great honor for me being able to represent the Hispanic and Latino communitymy parents are from Cuba and Colombia, so it is a great honor for me”.

Camille graduated with highest honors from the University of Southern California and is a partner at Brown Rudnick LLP, one of the largest law firms in the United States.