Camilo and Evaluna shine as parents: The singers show that their daughter Indigo uses ecological diapers and that choice causes a sensation among her fans | People | Entertainment

Music will always be present in the lives of Evaluna and Camilo. The most beloved couple in the world of Latin American entertainment surprised by showing her daughter Indigo in the arms of her father, in a tender moment when the artist danced one of her songs with the little girl linked to the body of she.

In a perfect complicity, the famous artists shared with their millions of fans, some videos in which they are seen in their best facet: being parents. In this way, the daughter of Ricardo Montaner mounted a clip in which her husband carries the baby and he showed Evaluna in her household chores.

His days go by focused on raising his first-born, who came to fill the Echeverry Reglero with happiness. And although they have not presented her daughter on social networks, the followers are still waiting for that special event to happen.

Evaluna and Camilo show the diapers that Indigo uses

A little over a month after Indigo’s birth, Evaluna shared some adorable images in which Camilo can be seen with the baby in his arms, dancing to the rhythm of the song “Pegao”, one of his most recent musical themes, with the one who wanted to give his little girl the first rays of sun on a beautiful morning, published RCN.

On a very green lawn, the Colombian artist was seen with his peculiar baggy black pants and without a shirt, with an intertwined bandage in which he held the girl covered up to the beginning of her head with the white cloth.

“The love of my life hit the love of my life”, wrote Evaluna in the publication that she posted on her Instagram account, in which she obtained more than 2 million 300 thousand “likes”, and about 15 thousand comments in the that fans overflowed to talk about what was hanging on the rope in the courtyard of the residence.

The couple is debuting as proud parents and they showed how Indigo’s upbringing is, by highlighting that the newborn uses ecological diapers.

This was seen in the recording in which some intense blue sheets in a tie-dye print stood out and on them 4 reusable diapers and protectors that are used so that the baby’s urine does not pass through, while wearing the cloth.

Although the decision of Evaluna and Camilo had its detractors, the majority applauded the choice of the happy couple. “With the washable diapers, they finished my heart,” said a user of the networks, commenting on the use of this implement in the girl’s daily clothing, which originated a thread of more than 213 messages.

Many praised his contribution by saying no to “disposable” ones, which take so long to destroy in the environment, and choosing one that is more friendly to the planet.

  • “She clearly doesn’t use disposable diapers.”
  • “Interesting diapers.”
  • “Beautiful. Everyone sending me their reel Because they use cloth diapers. Thanks for that! For showing it and for doing it for the planet we inhabit and for the future of Indigo, of course”.
  • “Those diapers hanging like that took me back 40 years.”
  • “I didn’t pay attention to anything but cloth diapers.”

And in the celebration of Mother’s Day, Evaluna premiered this 2022, and with a photo in her Instagram stories, she gave a snapshot in which she looked very beautiful for the occasion, with makeup and a white blouse, ready for the celebration. . (AND)

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