Camilo announced a new album and documentary about his son Indigo

Undoubtedly, The Colombian does not want to change for anyone, because personally it seems that he is living the best stage of his lifethanks to their little daughter, whom they decided to call Indigo.

And it is that since Camilo and his wife, the also singer Evaluna announced that they would become parents for the first timeThrough a tender song titled the same as their daughter, the couple promised to do their best for their girl.

So much so that Although for many it is sad, the two singers have moved away from social networks.but many of his followers understand that it is due to his parenting process which they live for the first time.

Now they are parents completely in love with their firstborn and we have been able to see that in the few videos they have published. about this stage of life, as one of the recordings that has moved the most, which is about the Colombian dancing and singing to his little girl in the patio of his house while he holds her in his arms.

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And it is that definitively, the one who has been most in love with Indigo has been Camilo, so much so that he has announced on his social networks the release of his album called ‘From inside to outside’an album that confesses to being completely dedicated and inspired by everything he has felt, lived and experienced with his daughter.

“I’m a dad, but that’s not what this video is about. The fact is that when Indigo arrived, songs, ideas, projects, laughter, the desire to shout, to travel, to jump, to celebrate, with you, obviously. So I started to think why I don’t tell them everything I experienced in this 2022, so that we can wait together instead of keeping it a secret, “says the singer during the recording of the video posted on his Instagram profile, a video that shows the feet of her daughter, some scenes in the studio and several polaroid photographs where Evaluna and her daughter appear.

In addition, he gave details of what this new album would be, which would be ready for September of this year, and above all, he confessed his excitement for starting next week with his world tour which bears his name.From inside to outside’, a tour that begins in Mexico and includes several cities from the United States, Spain and some from his native country, Colombia.

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And it is that he also announced how each of his songs will be revealed. “VWhen we got to Indigo we sat down to write what I feel are the best songs I’ve written in my life and that’s how we put together the album ‘From inside to outside’, but before then, in a few days, ‘Pegao’, in June ‘NASA’, in July ‘Nature’, in August ‘Alaska’.

And when we thought all the news was about his albumthe musician surprises his fans, announcing that a documentary will soon arrive that will talk about his life.

And at some point, between all this, my documentary ‘The first tour of my life’. The family grew, the tribe grew and we almost left the house to see each other’s faces again”, concluded the singer who promised them that it was almost time to officially present his little Indigo to his followers, so he left Of course, her eldest daughter will be present at her “shows” and even go out dancing in her arms with them.

In this video you can see the news: