Camilo Blanes, son of Camilo Sesto, could enter rehabilitation again

Only 57 days have passed since the hospital discharge of Camilo Blanes (due to a bicycle accident), on January 26 this year, and several people around him suggest that the heir to Camilo Sestos He is not doing well, because last weekend he reappeared on his social networks in a video in which his physical condition was questionable, in addition to the things he said during his broadcast were worrying because they lacked logic and meaning.

In the video, in broken English, he said, “I intend to bring heaven to earth. Free everyone from slavery for the benefit of all. I have the experience of the years and I can try to take my pressure on your behalf; my name: son of a…


Although everyone close to Blanes knows that he has had strong addiction problems for years, his hospitalization is judged by some as a set-up by his mother, Lourdes Ornelas, since Camilín had the accident after several days of partying. Apparently, and according to a local resident, Blanes had been playing loud music for four days and enjoying his friends and the party, when at the end of the festivities he took a bicycle in the morning, apparently to look for something to eat, and had an accident. , resulting in pneumonia, because on the day of the accident (November 24, 2021) a waterspout fell and the heir was lying for several hours on the wet ground and during the storm.

While he was hospitalized in the ICU of the Puerta del Hierro University Hospital in Majadahonda, in Madrid, for almost two months, Lourdes Ornelas did not separate from him; however, she downplayed her accident as an oversight and not an irresponsible act after several nights of partying.


Exclusively for TVyNovelas, a friend of Lourdes told us that she is desperate and that there will soon be changes in Camilín’s life, because after she is in optimal health and nutrition conditions, apparently she will be admitted to a clinic in Morocco, where They will help you kick your addictions and heal your soul.

So far we know that Camilo Blanes has left his friends; However, he could be going through a depression that is eating away at him and, according to what they tell us, he cannot touch his money, and the only way to see his inheritance again will be when he is completely clean.