Camilo dances “pegao” to his Indigo baby to put her to sleep

Colombian singer Camilo jumps up with happiness. He is enjoying his stage as a new father to the fullest, as is his wife, also a singer and actress, Evaluna. Both do not miss the opportunity to capture special moments with their newborn baby named Indigo.

In an oversight of her husband, Evaluna recorded when Camilo pampered her little girl, holding a blanket to her chest, and also danced and sang the song hit to put her to sleep

In the short clip, which the daughter of the singer Ricardo Montaner posted on her Instagram account, Camilo is seen barefoot, as he is used to even at his concerts, in the patio of his home in the United States. In the background, you can also see sheets and cloth diapers hanging on a rope, as a sign that they do not put disposable diapers on the baby and opt for the ecological.

“The love of my life hit the love of my life,” wrote Evaluna in the publicationwhich until 2:30 in the afternoon of this Friday, May 6, had more than 580 thousand ‘likes’ and 5,200 comments.

Three weeks ago, the singer-songwriter reported on his Instagram account that he had become a father with an emotional message for his followers and friends in the musical field.

“Indigo was born. God was present in every second of the birth in our home. She is a happy and curious girl. Evaluna is the strongest, most virtuous and brave woman who has walked this planet. All my respect, my service and my dedication to the queen of this house. Thank you for all of her messages, her prayers, and the outpourings of love and light that she has sent here. She grew La Tribe, ”Camilo wrote in a post on April 9.

Índigo was born in the house of Evaluna and Camilo and is the first daughter of the couple.
Índigo was born in the house of Evaluna and Camilo, and is the first daughter of the couple. – Photo: Photo: Instagram @camilo

Camilo Echeverry and Evaluna Montaner have become one of the most beloved couples in the world of entertainment. Since they reported that they were expecting their first baby, they both enjoyed all the stages of the pregnancy to the fullest, they even made the decision that their girl be born naturally in their own home, under the supervision of a medical team.

Several curiosities came out of this stage that Camilo and Evaluna live as spouses. They both composed a song for her firstborn and gave her the name Indigo without knowing the sex of the baby.

The arrival of Indigo was being eagerly awaited by all the members of the Echeverry Montaner family. According to the famous Venezuelan-Argentine singer Ricardo Montaner, all family members were attentive to the birth of the first-born, so much so that Ricky and Mau would have flown from Europe to meet their niece.

Through their social networks, Montaner has said that “as you can imagine in this house, even our breathing these days is called Indigo”, alluding to the fact that everyone in the family is very aware of the baby. Likewise, he expressed that “Indigo is not a song and it is not a dream either, it is already a reality.”

According to Instagram stories, Ricardo Montaner does not see the time when he can go on tour with his granddaughter around the world and teach her the songs with which he has delighted his thousands of followers for decades, obviously accompanied by his parents, Camilo and Evaluna .

“Indigo is a beautiful girl, she sends them lots of kisses and hugs and hopefully soon she will go on tour with her parents, her grandparents and her uncles (…); I wanted to thank you for so many messages of affection that you have sent to the whole family”, said this artist.