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Camilo visited the set of “La Resistencia de Movistar +” to continue promoting her single ‘Pegao’ and her upcoming tour of Spain. In addition, he also talked about what life is like for him now that he is a father.

In the middle of the interview, the Colombian singer surprised by giving presenter David Broncano a gift. It is worth mentioning that it is usual for the guests of “La Resistencia” to bring gifts to the presenter in gratitude for the invitation.

“The other time I came I brought you something that was very important to me, a string from one of my instruments”, commented Evaluna’s husband to remember that on his first visit to space he gave away some strings of his instruments. “You told me to my face that it was a shit gift”, continued the Colombian.

“It was there tangled up, it looked like an old man’s egg hair”, the driver justified himself before the reproach of his guest.

After that, the interpreter of “Tutu” and “Vida de rico” explained that on this occasion he decided to bring her a gift of ‘true shit’. “If I bring you another gift and it’s going to seem like a shitty gift, I’d better bring you a real shitty gift”, said the Colombian singer before handing him one of his daughter’s diapers with a pink bow.

Broncano was not far behind and also gave him some rather unusual gifts for his little girl, who will barely be two months old. A Spanish-Russian dictionary, a can of gasoline and other things were some of the gifts that Indigo received.


Camilo and Evaluna Montaner married in a romantic ceremony

Camilo and Evaluna Montaner were married in a romantic ceremony (02/08/20)
Camilo and Evaluna Montaner were married in a romantic ceremony (02/08/20)