‘Camilo Sesto’, from ‘My name is’, fell from stage in reign in Quindío: video

the copycat I was singing ‘Piel de Ángel’ at the election and coronation evening of the National Coffee Reign when he suffered the incident, according to said publication.

The $500 million winner of ‘My Name’ was walking across the stage, but one of his steps went into a gap on the stage that appeared to be hollow, and he ended up on the floor.

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This is the recording that the aforementioned medium shared with the fall of “Camilo Sesto” in his “show” in the reign.

What happened to ‘Camilo Sesto’ from ‘My name is reign

The fall of the imitator of the stage, located in the Plaza de Bolívar of said municipality, it would not have happened to majors.

Moreover, his concert was not suspended, because after the incident, as seen in the video of this note, the famous got up alone and continued singing.

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Neither the screams of the spectators, nor the fall from a height of more than a meter, interrupted the singer from Quindío who advanced as if he had nothing,” added La Crónica del Quindío in the description of his publication.

Additionally, the impersonator of Camilo Sesto wrote a message on Instagram, where he assured: “What a fall for me! I’m fine… Thank God it was just a scare, and an example that if you fall, you get up with more encouragement and passion for your dreams.

This is the complete ‘post’ of the winner of ‘My name is’, included the video of his fall and even a joke: “I think I invented a new way to get off the stage… I love you, thanks for caring, hahaha,” he said.