Camilo shares a fun video of Evaluna as a child

camilo shares a video of evaluna as a child to congratulate her on mother's day

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    Since Camilo and Evaluna they started their relationship in 2015, they automatically became one of the most loved singing couples by fans. Both show their love on social networks continuously, and that makes the hearts of their followers melt. They were married in 2020, just before the pandemic began, and in March they gave birth to their first daughter, Indigo, which has made the marriage more united than ever, since they were waiting for their little girl with great enthusiasm. So much so that they dedicated a common song to him before he was born.

    Therefore, yesterday was the first Mother’s Day for Evaluna and the small family that he has just created – in other countries it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Camilo, who has already thanked his wife on another occasion for how good a mother she is through the first photos that showed the world of his daughter, has also wanted to do it on the most special day for all mommies. But it hasn’t been with a photo of Indigo or anything like that, but with a video of Evaluna herself when she was little, And he’s unrecognizable! Attention:

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    The text that Camilo has dedicated to Evaluna together with this video is the most emotional and worth reading:

    Excuse me… I leave you the best video you have seen in your lives.
    HAPPY FIRST MOTHER’S DAY @evaluna! You were born to be. I remember when we just met and you told me that your biggest dream was what you are living right now. God was not wrong to leave Indigo in your hands.
    You have in your mother and mine the best examples!! I learn from you daily!

    As you see in the images of the singer dancing in a bikini on a boat, Evaluna’s artistic talents and joy have been present in her since she was little, And we wish you a very happy Mother’s Day!

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