Camilo showed the part of Evaluna’s body that she hates the most

We cannot hide how in love this family has us and that is, even before the birth of little Indigo, Camilo and Evaluna already delighted us with their relationship, as they have been a couple that expresses all their love in their day to day life. in their social networks and especially in their songs where they decide to give each other one or another declaration of love.

The truth is that, since that day they announced their long-awaited expectation, with their song Indigo, all their fans counted down the days to see the face of their first baby, especially when they both announced that they would know their sex until the day of birth like this that the wait was eternal, because many assured that it was a boy and others a girl, the truth is that, regardless of their sex, they already had a fixed name, Indigo.

Since then, not many moments of the little girl have been known, in fact, the photos that circulate on social networks are few. However, a few days ago Ricardo Montaner’s daughter shared a video on her social networks in which the Colombian dances tenderly and lovingly with her baby in the patio of the house, where one of the traditions that the couple has wanted to continue because in the background of the video you can see, what it would be, cloth diapers.

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And it is that, after that video, Camilo decided to take revenge on his wife and has exhibited it for the first time after the baby was born. So now he has been the one who has secretly recorded the singer, showing off what her partner looks like after becoming a mother.

In the video you can see Evaluna in the kitchen and, in addition, she reveals a mischievous moment when with her hands she tries to grab a buttock of Montaner’s daughter and that was not all, because it is no secret to anyone that the minor of the family, had already confessed that she does not like her husband to show his feet, so Camilo quickly and in revenge Camilo zooms in on this part of the artist’s body.

The Colombian wrote in the description of the video “If you spy on me, I spy on you”, and the one who reacted was his father-in-law, who commented “Ayyyy Dios mío PEGAO”, which, in addition, would refer to the song that Camilo put in the background of the video , which would be his next musical release.

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Meanwhile, the Venezuelan published in her Instagram stories her look when she lived Mother’s Day for the first time, letting herself be seen as beautiful and radiant as always and this time, with a shine in her eyes thanks to the arrival of her little girl. “My first mother’s day, I decided to put on makeup,” she wrote in the post.

For now, the couple’s followers still do not know the face of little Indigo and of course, it is one of the most acclaimed requests on their social networks, since there is no publication in which some of their most loyal fans ask them what you want meet the baby

However, their fans have respected the decision of both to keep privacy and, above all, to take care of their first-born on social networks.

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