Camilo shows off Indigo and gives beautiful news

With his very particular style, the Colombian singer-songwriter Camilo Echeverry, shows off indigo and gives beautiful news, after having become a father a few weeks ago, next to his wife, the Venezuelan actress and singer, Evaluate Montaner.

Through a cute and tender video, the interpreter of tutus and indigomade it known to his more than 27.2 million followers on Instagram and countless fans around the world that he is about to release a new record albumwith new songs, of which he also gave an exciting preview.

the touching video shows some shots showing off his daughter Indigowho was born on April 9 (or at least that day they made it known), as well as other romantic images of Camilo and Evaluna, exchanging samples of love, which have captivated in networks, since it is one of the favorite couples of entertainment.

“I’m a dad, but that’s not what this video is about. In fact, when Indigo arrived, songs, ideas, projects, laughter, the desire to scream, to travel, to jump, to celebrate with you, obviously, “said the 28-year-old singer in the video.

Also, in the same clip, Camilo announced what his fans expected so much, after his debut as a father, because after a long time without releasing a new album and without carrying out a tourthis will be able to live very soon.

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“And I started to think, ‘why don’t I tell you everything I experienced in this 2022? so that we live it together, instead of keeping it a secret”.

the son-in-law of Ricardo Montaner explained that his transition to fatherhood and the long-awaited wait for Indigoas well as his arrival in this world, inspired him to write and create new songs with a quite intimate touch, such as his family life, whom he adores and of which he has made his fans part, whom he considers part of “his tribe”.

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“Ok, seeing Indigo arrive, we sat down to write what I feel are the best songs I’ve written in my life, and that’s how we put together the album ‘De Adentro pa’ Fuera’, but before that, in a few days, Pegao; in June Nassa; in July, Nature; in August, Alaska; and at some point, between all this, the documentary El Primer Tour de mi Vida”.

“The family grew, La Tribu grew, and we almost left home to see each other’s faces on the De Adentro pa Fuera Tour,” the artist announced.

Undoubtedly, great news for his fans, who were also recently surprised with the announcement of a new reality show from the Montaner familywith everything and Camilovia Disney Plus.

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