can you figure out who the culprit is in 10 seconds? It’s your turn

It’s time to rack your brains and think about solving today’s visual riddle. In this article, we share with you a crime scene on which you will have to find the car responsible for the theft. Are you ready to play detective? Let’s go !

Visual puzzle of the day: stimulate your neurons!

To take care of your brain and your memory, there is no miracle, you have to train it every day. Indeed, stimulating your cognitive abilities on a daily basis only improves them. Especially for seniors and retirees. When you reach retirement age, your brain is less solicited. So your mental health and brain skills may deteriorate. Indeed, you may have trouble concentrating and you have little memory lapses. Don’t panic, it’s part of everyday life and you just need a little practice, especially through this visual puzzle of the day. The advantage is that you have a multitude of games at your disposal.

For example, you can play old-fashioned games like card games, checkers, scrabble, crosswords, or crosswords. Some are played by several people, which allows you to keep social ties and boost your brain while having fun. Reading is also highly recommended. And once again in this area, you have a choice: newspapers, magazines, novels, comics, etc. Then you can play the more modern games that have appeared for several years already, but especially since the confinement of 2020. Indeed, the visual or logical challenges have exploded on the Web. Besides, there are a whole bunch of apps for you to solve a visual puzzle every day.

Know that the less you make it work, the less your brain will work. And over time, you can see neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s appear. So, do not hesitate to try the memory applications on your smartphone which is a very effective way to boost your brain gently and with entertainment, and that, on a daily basis. You can also opt for applications that allow you to review your cultural knowledge.

Then, in addition to these good habits to put in place on a daily basis, sleep is essential. Indeed, you must have recuperative nights to be in good shape. In addition, balanced diet also plays a vital role. So, to be at your best, it must be rich in fruits, vegetables, omega 3 and you must drink plenty of water. Now that you know everything to take care of your brain, are you ready to try today’s visual puzzle?

Discover the image of the visual puzzle of the day to solve

Check out the illustration below with three different colored cars. The case is as follows: one of the neighbors committed a theft thirty minutes ago. But, the three individuals declare that they are innocent and that they remained in their residence at the time of the crime. Can you find out who the liar is and find the person responsible for this crime in less than 10 seconds flat? Indeed, be attentive, concentrate, because you will not have a second more! Dear detectives, it’s up to you to find the owner of the car.

Here is the solution to today’s visual puzzle

So, have you found it? The culprit is the neighbor of the house on the left, the first red car. Indeed, if you look well below the green and purple cars, the ground is dry as the rain falls. This means that they have not moved from place to place. Conversely, under the red car, the ground is wet, which means that the owner of the car moved his vehicle at some point. So, he is the one who lied to commit the theft. Want a last one for the road? Find out on the post instagram below is a numerical sequence to solve. Good luck !