Cancellation? Great danger for Robert and Carmen

Adventure on the high seas: “The Geissens” get into a tricky situation on their trip to the Balearic Islands. They hadn’t expected these consequences.

  • “The Geissens” are on the Balearic Islands
  • A tricky situation arises with their boat
  • Carmen and Robert hadn’t expected that

“The Geissens”: drama at sea

There are dramatic scenes that take place in the current episode of “Die Geissens”: Robert Geiss staggers on his boat, grabs the railing, chairs slide across the floor. It does not help.

Now we have a real problem

he notes. “I think we have to turn away.” It is not the first time that the Geissens have come into danger. But these scenes seem extremely dangerous.

At first everything looked so harmless: Robert and Carmen Geiss want to take a leisurely trip to Formentera with their guest, model Papis Loveday. But then everything changes and the “Indigo Star” gets in distress. “A crossing like this isn’t always stress-free, as you can see today,” explains the hobby boater. “Now we have quite a bit of waves that I didn’t expect, I actually just assumed a lot of wind, but of course that’s here now right breakers. The question is whether we can even get over here to Formentera.”

Robert Geiss: “It’s getting hairy now”

The furniture is damaged, the visitor is visibly shaken and Robert Geiss takes stock:

Wasn’t the best idea today.

It quickly becomes clear that the Geissens cannot go to Formentera, they have to cancel trip. “It’s getting hairy now”, says Robert worried. Luckily, everyone involved stays intact. The situation is different when it comes to furnishing the luxury yacht. “There’s more going on down there, so you don’t have to be in the dressing room now,” the millionaire explains and we actually see how the sofa and various objects slide through the cabin so that it just rattles. Carmen Geiss can hardly believe it when she sees the destroyed salon. In the end, however, the relief that everyone made it back to shore safely prevails.

source: RTL TWO