Cancelled? What about emigration?

“The Wollnys” actually wanted to emigrate to Turkey soon, but Silvia Wollny, 57, is still in Germany with her extended family. So what about the big plans?

  • The Wollny family had big plans
  • Silvia Wollny wanted to emigrate with Harald and the children
  • But nothing has happened yet

In her docu-soap “Die Wollnys” Silvia Wollny has her big plans announced: Together with her fiancé Harald Elsenbast and some of their children she wants to emigrate to Turkey. The initial plan was for the family to live in their favorite travel destination for a year. After that, the Wollnys wanted to decide whether they leave Germany forever.

At the beginning of the year, the show even showed Silvia and Harald renting an apartment. They have targeted spring as the move date. Lavinia Wollny’s daughter Haylie Emilia was born in February, so nothing stands in the way of the plans, right? Apparently the Wollnys are still in Germany…

Silvia Wollny: Mystery about emigration

The family is still keeping track of the exact status of the emigration secret. In a question and answer session on Instagram, Silvia Wollny revealed some time ago that her fans will find out what happened to the Turkey plans in the new season of “Die Wollnys”. For now though, it looks not looking for it, as if the extended family were packing their bags occupied. For example, Sarafina’s husband Peter Wollny is cleaning the roof terrace at home on Instagram. Would that really be necessary if the family is about to leave the country?

So as long as the Wollnys keep their mouths shut, we have no choice but to wait for the new season. However, it is still unclear when it will appear. Small ray of hope: There were only a few months between seasons 14 and 15. So it could be very soon.

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