Candid Instagram post about grief and weight loss

Cathy Hummels on time after Mats Hummels split

“I thought I wouldn’t wake up”

The separation from soccer star Mats Hummels cost influencer Cathy Hummels a lot of strength. On Instagram she gives private insights into her inner life.


Cathy Hummels gives insights into her inner life in her latest Instagram post.


Laszlo SchneiderEditor People

Shortly before Christmas, the marriage was history: ex-national player Mats (34) and model Cathy Hummels (34) are divorced. However, the couple had already separated in 2021 – a time that left deep wounds, especially for the influencer, as she reveals in her latest post on Instagram.

In it, she talks mainly about panic attacks and her rapid weight loss. Her head was strong and pushed everything away, but her body pulled the emergency brake. She also complains: “Many didn’t listen, but kept telling me how horrible I look.” During this time, she was well aware that she no longer seemed healthy – “but what should I do?” Hummels asks herself rather than her more than 700,000 followers.