Candidate Knossi expresses gloomy prognosis

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Knossi is one of the future celebrities on “Let’s Dance”.Image: IMAGO/


Imke Gerriets

On February 17, “Let’s Dance” will enter a new round. RTL has now revealed the first celebrities fighting for the title “Dancing Star” in season 16. Among others, Chryssanthi Kavazi, Jens “Knossi” Knossalla, Sally Özcan, Ali Güngörmüş and Alex Mariah Peter will be there. Previously, there was a “Bild” report that indicated that Anna Ermakova, Boris Becker’s daughter, and Natalia Yegerova were also participating.

However, the broadcaster did not confirm this at this time, but rather said: “Of course, we will also announce the last two celebrities shortly – the anticipation is increasing!” In the meantime, the Klitschko-Ex has been officially presented for the show. Knossi is one person who has definitely commented on his participation. The Twitch star promptly shared a report on his Instagram story and sent a clear signal.

“Let’s Dance”: Knossi with honest words about his participation

On his profile, the 36-year-old said: “I move like a donkey, I have no idea how it’s supposed to be.” He then marked the official page of “Let’s Dance”. He also added wryly: “I’m particularly good at: Samba, TschaTschaTscha and all other Brazilian dances.”

Knossi talks about his non-existent dance talent.

Knossi talks about his non-existent dance talent.Image: Instagram/ Knossi

Last but not least, Bastian Bielendorfer proved that you can get far in the show with not too much dancing talent. The comedian made it to the ninth live show last year with Ekaterina Leonova. Joachim Llambi etched:

“We are already in the round of sixteen with the best six dancers. The final is in three weeks. The right ones have to be in the final. I found the performance very simply structured today. Unfortunately, it was sometimes as stiff as last week was the case.”

Bielendorfer took it with humor and once said in an interview with RTL: “My God, I can’t dance, you don’t have to pretend.” He even described the fact that he almost made it to the finale of a dance show as “completely absurd”. The next few weeks will show whether Knossi will feel the same way.

Motsi Mabuse comments on the new season

In any case, juror Motsi Mabuse was already pleased to meet the new celebrities of the format in person. In her story she said: “Soon it will start again with ‘Let’s Dance’ and we are so happy. Now you’ve met a few of our candidates. I just find it super interesting to meet new people.”

Motsi Mabuse is looking forward to the new season.

Motsi Mabuse is looking forward to the new season.Image: Instagram/ Motsi Mabuse

And further: “You can’t know everyone, but ‘Let’s Dance’ is magic because people come together and this energy is something special. So I’m looking forward to a new season, to my colleagues and to telling a new story.”

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