“Can’t get it”: Oliver Pocher and Lavinia Wollny’s friend argue online

Oliver Pocher denounces Tim Katzenbauer for showing his daughter bathing online.

© Screenshots Instagram/Oliver Pocher and Tim Katzenbauer

Oliver Pocher scolds Instagram about how some influencers deal with their children. They share babies uncensored on the internet or advertise with them. He reprimands Anne Wunsch and Lavinia Wollny’s friend.

Cologne – Lavinia Wollny (22) and her boyfriend Tim Katzenbauer (24) became parents of a daughter in February. The couple is happy as a parent and also shares it on Instagram. Both have also chosen to show their baby on the social network. For Oliver Pocher (44; everything about the comedian), who has five children, a no-go. He scolds via Instagram story.

“Can’t get it”: Oliver Pocher and Lavinia Wollny’s friend argue online

Katzenbauer shared a picture of himself bathing his daughter on his Instagram story. “It’s just always nice to watch you how fast you’re growing and what progress you’re making,” writes the 24-year-old. Pocher shares the censored photo in his own story and directs clear words to Wollny’s husband: “Some don’t want to and can’t seem to get it…”, it says there.

“Frying pan!” – Anne Wunsch is also reprimanded by Pocher for dealing with her child online.

© Screenshot Instagram/Oliver Pocher and Anne Wunsch

A little later, the father of Lavinia Wollny’s daughter published a statement on Pocher’s words – some followers apparently also had concerns about the photo. He writes: “A few have now written to me: ‘Put the picture out, the pedophiles are happy,'” he admits.

Oliver Pocher also shoots at Anne Wunsch: “Frying pan!”

Katzenbauer sees it differently: “It’s my daughter, I’ll post what I want,” he writes, adding: “It’s a baby, so I don’t care now and say you can see her breasts.” Oliver Pocher also shares this story in his own profile and shares his opinion, visibly angry: “Know it and still don’t change it…” And Katzenbauer? He gives the tip: “Just unfollow ..”

It’s not the only baby story that annoys Oliver Pocher. Anne Wunsch shared her newborn son in a romper and promoted the product. Pocher on this: “Use the child for the first cooperation after just 2 days… full frying pan remains full frying pan!” Anne Wunsch also gave insights into her birth with the words: “Unfortunately, it didn’t go so smoothly”. Sources used: instagram.com/oliverpocher; instagram.com/tim.katzenbauer; instagram.com/anne_wuensche