Cantinflas’s granddaughter could go to prison for kidnapping her mother

In order to keep her mother’s money, Marisa, the granddaughter of the successful actor Mario Morenobetter known as ‘Cantinflas’, dared to attempt against the will of sandra bernatsecond wife of Mario Moreno Ivanova, to achieve his goal, and admitted her without her consent to a rehabilitation center for more than a year.

In an interview for the show program ‘Ventaneando’, the daughter-in-law of the also well-known ‘Mexican Charles Chaplin’, confessed the difficult moments she had to live after her daughter Marisa confined to a ‘rehabilitation farm’ located in Pachuca, in the state of Hidalgo.

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According to what the second wife of the adopted son of the renowned Golden Age actor said, her daughter went mad with fury after he revealed to her that he had changed his will and had decided to leave everything to his son Gabriel, as he pointed out that he needed to be protected due to the condition he suffers from.

Likewise, Sandra Bernat commented that she had a couple of apartments, but one of them was very luxurious and paying maintenance used to leave her without a single peso, so she made the decision to sell it, but when Marisa found out about her will, she tried to unsuccessfully preventing it, which apparently filled her with fury.

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“I bought two apartments, one of which the building was impressive, the super luxury apartment, pool, gym, where the Interlomas theaters are, but, as luxurious as it was, it was expensive, maintenance was very expensive, so when I I was left without income, I ate it, the maintenance ate me, so I said, no, I’m going to sell it, “explained Cantinflas’s daughter-in-law.

It seems that Cantinflas’s granddaughter did not take her mother’s decision in the best way and without tempting her heart, committed her against her will in a rehabilitation center to leave her confined in the place for more than a year and a half, where, according to Sandra, she suffered all kinds of mistreatment.

According to Sandra Bernat, her daughter seized all her things as soon as she was confined and he sold his car to go on vacation to Europe, but the money did not last long and he stopped paying the institution where his mother was, which helped Cantinflas’s daughter-in-law to be released.

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It should be noted that the wife of Mario Moreno Ivanovasought legal advice and was told that I could report her for kidnappingand despite what she put her through, Sandra is not sure about proceeding legally against her daughter since she is 5 months pregnant and he wouldn’t want him to end up in prison.

“A lawyer told me that I could sue her for kidnapping, because after three months they could have released me, even They told me at the center that I could admit her too, but admitting Marisa right now that she is pregnant seems very bad to me. I told the lawyer, right now I can’t accuse her of kidnapping, because I can no longer retract and he would go to jail”.

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