Cantinflas’s granddaughter could go to prison for kidnapping

Sandra Bernat accuses her daughter of committing her against her will in a rehabilitation center where she suffered mistreatment and points out that she wants to keep her things. This is how Cantinflas’s daughter-in-law responded when asked if she would file charges against her.

Marisa Moreno, the daughter of Mario Moreno Ivanova, adopted son of Cantinflas is in conflict with the law. She could be charged with kidnapping for having committed her mother to a rehabilitation center against her will.

His mother, sandra bernatgave an interview to the program windowing in which she said that she was deceived by her daughter in this place where she was the victim of mistreatment and aggression.

Bernat assured that Marisa was aware of what she lived in the “rehabilitation farm” and that she did not care that she suffered mistreatment.

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She added that she was detained in the center for a year and three months. Mrs. Bernat narrated that when she was taken away by force, the famous comedian’s granddaughter called her to invite her to dinner and when they knocked on the door some people entered who took her even against her will.

“They take me to a rehabilitation and mental health center. From there they channel me and take me to an annex, where there were blows, where they bathed us with cold water… it’s horrible… Marisa knew about this and she didn’t care at all, “he sentenced.

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Sandra Bernat admitted in the interview that she had problems with alcohol but that she does not consider it to be such as to enter her in a rehabilitation center.

He added that he managed to get out when his daughter had financial problems and no longer paid for boarding school. Sandra pointed out that her lawyer notified her that she can sue her for kidnapping, however she told Marisa she is pregnant, 5 months old, and if she did, she would have to go to jail.

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