Capi Pérez, Kristal Silva and Cynthia Rodríguez dance merengue

The three famous hosts of ‘Venga la Alegría’, Capi Pérez, Kristal Silva Y Cynthia RodriguezIn addition to being very good co-workers, they are also friends, which is why they never decide to collaborate together to create content on their social networks, this time on our beloved comedian, Carlos.

This is one of the last posts he shared on his Instagram official, a video in which the three appear dancing to the new song by bad bunny call “After the beach”coordinating their steps and “taking out the forbidden ones”, making their best movements of Meringuein this new proposal that the singer made on his latest album.

Even the comedian congratulated him saying “discazo”, tagging the musician in case he goes to see his piece of entertainment, in which by the way his two companions did it in a spectacular way that they managed to make their audience fall in love once again.

And it is that the three really moved to the rhythm and very well coordinated, enjoying the moment and also showing off in front of the cameras, it is clear that they bring the rhythm inside and their Internet fans noticed it, leaving their likes leading them to have more of 75,000.

We could also see many comments where Internet users say that Cristal is the most beautiful, others recognizing her great friendshipamong some other messages that they wrote with great affection.


Capi Perez / Instagram

Capi Pérez surprised his followers along with his 2 TV partners, dancing to the rhythm of Bad Bunny’s new merengue.

We know very well that Capi Pérez is normally pure humor, however, we also recognize that he has other talents, apparently he has taken some other dance class and for the same reason he wanted to show us collaborating with his two companions.

Lately, the creation of this type of content has become a very strong trend, practically everyone can now make their videos, but of course they do not always turn out as well as expected, although this was not what happened with these celebrities, they they succeeded perfectly.

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