Capi Pérez parodies woman who speaks “alien language”, laughter

One of the most controversial guests and what have become more popular on the morning show of Aztec TV, come the joyit was Mafer Walkerthe woman who claims to speak “alien language”a video that was quickly shared among users and that until now has not stopped being watched by new people who cannot believe what they are seeing and hearing.

Even some netizens consider that not even paranormal investigators like Jaime Mausan either Carlos Trejo they had been encouraged to do something similar, considering their participation, something very exaggerated, outrageous, even as a very bad way of trying to divert attention from some issue that we do not know.

This time one of the drivers The most beloved of Mexican television, Capi Pérez, was in charge of making an excellent parody of the guest, speaking just like her but of course adding his sense of humor with words that made laughter rain down on the set of the entertainment program.

In the clip we can also see that Borghetti Duck He joined the fun and was doing his own parody, both did very well and, without a doubt, the comedian was the one who took the moment and generated many more laughs for his great way of being.

Surely this will not be the first time that we see something similar, but we hope that it will at least work as entertainment for those people who are looking to brighten up their day a little, even if it is something that nobody really takes seriously.

In the comments we can see how Capi Pérez created a fun atmosphere and once again interacted with his Internet fans, followers who support him by sharing their opinion.

Something important to mention is that his life of content creation has been very productive, he is an expert and of course his great sense of humor has gotten him to where he is, he is very creative and always has new proposals, even when it comes to some complicated situation, always manages to see the humorous point.

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