Capi Pérez shares a taste for astrology, a funny clip

The famous comedian Y driver from Aztec TVCapi Pérez, is recognized not only for his excellent sense of humor but also for the creative ways in which he creates his content, this time he presented us with a fun video in which he showed us his best talent.

It is about a clip in which he appears reading a magazine, at that moment he finds his horoscope, reads it and realizes that he is recommended to trust a number, something that has happened to many of us at some point in our lives, although be out of curiosity.

Apparently the comedian He received “a signal”, to later hear a voice that tells him that he will go to the store, asking him, “do you want me to bring you something”, to which he quickly reflects and thanks to his reading he was ready to make a decision.

Start thinking of one promotion of one drinkensuring that that day was more accessible, so he yells at him to bring him a six, which was his lucky number according to astronomy.

Of course it’s all about an excellent idea that he came up with, he even did edition from voices in thought and also actingsimply a good creative doing his job and he did it perfectly, he made more than one laugh.


Capi Perez / Instagram

Capi Pérez shares a fun video on his networks.

In the comments we can see how Capi Pérez created a fun atmosphere and once again interacted with his Internet fans, followers who support him by sharing their opinion.

Some Internet users say that they did not stop laughing to imagine how you thought about recording this, even the minutes of editing that were needed, but it was a success.

It even seems that he was doing a promotion for the brand of the drinks mentioned, since in the hashtag he wrote it next to the word predictions.

We recommend you stay and continue discovering those fun moments in which Cap Pérez offers us a fun way of seeing things and always looking to add a little humor.