Capucine Anav announces a big change in her life as a mom

A few months after giving birth to a little girl, Capucine Anav is visibly ready to combine two full-time jobs: that of an actress and that of a mother. Indeed, the young woman announced great news, that of getting back on the boards!

A modern mother hen! On November 13, after a wonderful pregnancy, Capucine Anav gave birth to a little girl named Lola. “Our life changed forever thanks to the somewhat hasty arrival of our princess. A huge thank you to all the teams at the Natecia private hospital, for having been so reassuring despite my anxieties and above all a big thank you to the gynecologist Jean-Michel Dreyfus who made me live the most incredible moment of my life, she wrote on her social networks to announce the good news to her fans. “A hasty arrival“since the newborn arrived three weeks early and since, which fills the parents with joy, Victor Dumas and Capucine Anav.

Indeed, since she gave birth, the former columnist of Do not touch My TV takes her new role very seriously and her daily life is therefore rocked by the rhythm of her princess. A daily life that she discovers over the days, shared between the joy of babying and the more complicated moments like this time when Lola had to be hospitalized for bronchiolitis. Or this Thursday, January 19, 2023, the day of the first vaccines (and therefore fever) for the little one. An obligatory passage which put the latter in all its states. “If you knew how stressed I am, today I have an appointment with the pediatrician for Lola’s first vaccinations, it stresses me out. I don’t want to hear her crypoor thing, I’m afraid she’s got a fever” she explained on Instagram.

Capucine Anav resumes its place in Le Switch

In addition to dealing with this motherly stress, Capucine Anav intends to add stage fright. In fact, three months after giving birth, Victor’s fiancée will back on the boards to resume her role in the theater, the one she had left in October 2022. It is on his Instagram account that she announced her big comeback in the room The Switch by Marc Fayet: “Resumption of the tour next weekend” can we read on an old photo where she was in full representation, Robert (dictionary) by hand.

Maternity leave is over for Capucine Anav, who will therefore combine two beautiful full-time jobs : that of a young mother and that of an actress. A new life is beginning for the one who has just gone through the two most intense ordeals at 31: a birth, that of her daughter and a deaththat of his beloved grandfather.

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