Capucine Anav: barely out of the hospital, her daughter Lola falls ill again!

By Grandma Yves Ratsimbazafy

– Modified Dec 28, 2022 at 5:23 PM

Capucine Anav’s daughter has just been discharged from hospital and is faced with a new health problem. The young mother has precisely confided in this subject in one of the stories that she has just shared on Instagram.

Being a mother is undoubtedly the best thing that has happened to Capucine Anav. The young woman unfortunately had to deal with her daughter’s health problems. victim of bronchiolitis, the latter was even hospitalized in emergency on December 4, 2022. Thus causing concern in the ranks of his fans. However, she wanted to be reassuring in one of her stories: “ For the moment, nothing to worry about my darlings. I slept very little. We took Lola to the emergency room. It is indeed bronchiolitis. But the beginning, that’s why they told us to go home “. A joy that was short-lived given that she returned to the emergency room the next day. This time it was a desperate mother who spoke to her community: An exhausted baby, an exhausted mom who needs to stay strong. My heart is in a thousand pieces. See my baby hip from every side “.

Capucine Anav worried about her daughter

Fortunately, the members of the Capucine Anav community were present to support her in this difficult ordeal. She kept them informed throughout her stay in the hospital: I read your messages in the hollow of Lola’s ear, at night, to pass the time and do her good too. Even if Lola is the youngest in the service, I think of all the parents and children who live in the same situation. “. A bad episode that is now part of the past since his daughter is partly restored.

Nasturtium Anav Story

However, according to the latest news, Lola is experiencing new health concerns. The baby of Nasturtium Anav would indeed be prey to reflux problems. Hence her message that she would have: “ Looking forward to having an appointment with the pediatrician tomorrow to solve this reflux problem “. You will understand, his night must have been particularly complicated. Especially since she hasn’t quite recovered from all the sleepless nights she spent during Lola’s hospitalization. In any case, she had a wonderful Christmas holiday, as she assured in one of her previous publications.