Career opportunities in the entertainment world

Our guest editor, Wisin, highlighted the importance of the arts and sports to bring youth forward. He pointed out that in the music industry there are many possibilities for professional development. Here we explore some careers associated with music.

Career opportunities in the entertainment world


  • He is the main figure to fulfill the show and who is in charge of making the connection with the public.


  • There are several facets of production:
    • Event producer, who are in charge of the event logistics
    • Musical: They are involved in everything that has to do with the details of the records and the arrangements that are made in live performances.
    • Executives: Those who put the money to do the job


  • Although some artists compose their songs, others are supported by professional songwriters and still others buy lyrics from these people.
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  • Many of the concerts are accompanied by a group of people who dance to the rhythm of the songs and a professional is in charge of setting up these routines.

Lighting Technician:

  • At the beginning of the shows the artists are continually with a play of lights that is synchronized with the rhythm and time of the music.


  • In charge of the sound quality to listen to the songs of any artist. This figure is responsible for the sound with the acoustics of the establishment and for the artists to be able to hear their musicians from the stage.


  • Every event is accompanied by visual elements, some fixed, others not, that have a theme of the event that comes from the musical product, and that varies by artist.

Video Director:

  • In the modern world of the Internet, many concerts are recorded to be published on different platforms. Recording a show has complicated logistics and an extensive work group, all led by the director.

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