Carín León sang the National Anthem prior to the Canelo Álvarez fight and the networks celebrated

Network users applauded the Sonoran singer (Photo: EFE/ Tamarindo Rekordsz)
Network users applauded the Sonoran singer (Photo: EFE/ Tamarindo Rekordsz)

Before the battle between Saul Cinnamon Alvarez and Dmitry Bivol at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Sonoran Carin Leon intoned the Mexican national anthem and social network users showed their approval of the singer’s performance.

In front of thousands of boxing fans, the man from Sonora proved to be one of the solo singers who have become one of the benchmarks of the Mexican regional because only your theme the toxic It has more than 300 million views on Youtube. Currently the Sonoran singer-songwriter began a tour of the United States, so the Canelo Team took advantage of his stay by the North American country to invite him to Saúl’s first fight in 2022.

Minutes after singing the National Anthem, users of social networks reacted to his interpretation and They celebrated that the attendees of the T-Mobil Arena applauded the talent of the Sinaloan.

“Carín León and his version of the National Anthem they make me want to piste good machin”, “How beautiful the hymn el Carín León sings”, “How beautiful the Mexican National Anthem, sung by a SonoranCarín León”, were some reactions that netizens emitted.

The Russian dominated the fight (Photo: Screenshot/Azteca Deportes)
The Russian dominated the fight (Photo: Screenshot/Azteca Deportes)

It is worth mentioning that minutes before the boxers entered the ring, Canelo Álvarez, as is customary in his last fights, he was accompanied by the traditional Mexican mariachi; they first interpreted The Final Countdown and then Mexico Beautiful and beloved.

Another important aspect to note about combat is that The Russian anthem was not played due to the restrictions imposed by the WBA itself in relation to the Russian invasion of Ukrainetherefore Bivol did not go out to the ring with his flag and will not be able to use his anthem either.

Throughout the fights that Saúl Álvarez had in 2021 he had all kinds of guests such as J Balvin, Pepe Aguilar together with their children Leonardo and Angela. Even during the contest for the unification of 168 pounds, the young Mexican singer was the one who performed the anthem.

The Mexican regional artist has stood out for his version of the song Youwhich was originally performed by Puerto Rican Noelia as a pop ballad and it has been a complete success. León set out to continue renewing the genre and did with a collaboration with the Spanish C. Tangana and also together with the composer Adriel Favela.

The man from Sonora reported his participation in the Mexican fight through social networks (Photos: Instagram)
The man from Sonora reported his participation in the Mexican fight through social networks (Photos: Instagram)

Carin assured that he likes to do collaborations and that with these he manages to give something new to his followers and that also allows him to create music combining other styles. “Thanks to the pandemic, many artists we realized that we are one click away from working with any other. In addition, with this we remove labels, we are creative. I grew up listening to a lot of very different music and I love collaborating with different artists of different genres, ”he commented for the Efe agency in 2021.

The singer He has considered himself lucky with his nominations in various awards and he owes it to the great way in which he does things. “(This is) thanks to the fact that we always have a plan bya that we are of the way of thinking that we always have to be doing something and see this as an opportunity, or window, to be in the tranquility of our house and let it flow.”


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