Carla Bruni: “I have three parents”, her secrets about the mystery surrounding her birth

Many families have deep secrets. Carla Sarkozy, born Bruni Tedeschi, knows something about it. The former First Lady even had to wait many years before breaking through that of hers, a secret that touched her very closely. A mystery that surrounded… his birth.

Born Bruni Tedeschi, Carla Bruni lost her father, Alberto Bruni Tedeschi, in 1996 when she was 39 years old. And his life then experienced a major upheaval. This is indeed at this time that the singer and supermodel learned that the one she had always called “dad” was not her real biological father. A news that far from traumatizing her, had been rather well received by the main concerned, as she has just confided in the pages of the magazine Madame Figaro, on newsstands this Thursday, July 7: “I had three parents”she launches in the preamble in the women’s weekly. “I laugh a lot when homoparental families are blamed: a family is a family, parents are parents.”

If this news did not upset her more than that, it was because it was far from a surprise for the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy who had long suspected that something unusual was happening under her roof when she was a child: “In retrospect, discovering this lie was not such a big shock: it almost relieved me by reassuring me that there was something.” Aged 39 when she was finally able to lift the mystery of her birth, Carla Bruni had learned the truth by questioning her mother, on the death of her “dad”. She then very quickly wanted to meet her real biological father, Maurizio Remmert, the man her mother Marisa Borini had met in Turin and with whom she had had a long romantic relationship.

Carla Bruni, Inès de La Fressange, Pascal Obispo at the gala dinner as part of Paris Fashion Week

A well-kept family secret

And it wasn’t until January 9, 2008 that Maurizio Remmertbusinessman established for thirty years in São Paulo in Brazil, eventually revealed to be Carla Bruni’s biological father. On the occasion of this “officialization”, he had also confided that Alberto Bruni Tedeschi had known for many years the truth about the parentage of Carla Bruni and that the latter had always treated her as his daughter. It was therefore only at the dawn of his 40th birthday that Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife was finally able to shed light on his story: “My parents carried this lie very well: they don’t have guilty temperaments. It was not said because it was not done at the time: these were other years. A late revelation that did not taint family relations, quite the contrary: it’s an extremely close-knit clan, and today more than ever!

Article written in collaboration with 6Medias