Carlos Alfredo Fatule puts into circulation the literary work “Living Without Fear”

The versatile artist, producer and TV presenter, Carlos Alfredo Fatule released this Thursday his third literary work entitled “Living Without Fear”, a biography authorized by the Bass fishing champion, Víctor Genao.

In a press meeting, Fatule thanked Genao for the opportunity and trust placed in him to tell his story of overcoming, leaving it as a legacy that will last from generation to generation, serving as an example for youth.

The protagonist of this biography, Víctor Genao, was accompanying the author Carlos Alfredo, where they signed the copies that are already on sale in bookstores, as well as in virtual stores.

“Living Without Fear” is the story of a man who, Despite everything, he was able to win by always focusing on preparing to succeed, taking advantage of and observing in each of the opportunities, a path to success, to win friends, as well as prizes. Luck has always been on her side with the help of her extraordinary abilities.

The life of Víctor M. Genao Jáquez, the Bass fishing champion, has been marked by his town, Bonao, by his family and by all the adventures he went on with his cousins ​​and friends.

But, the most daring of all, crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a sailboat, and being adrift for several days, an adventure where he almost lost his life, is what inspired this book.

This book has a historical character because through its chapters, relevant and picturesque episodes are narrated, both from our culture in the Villa de las Hortensias, as well as from our post-dictatorship history.

Last Tuesday, May 17, an event was held in “Plaza Merengue”, in the town of Bonao, with the presence of important personalities from the municipality and special guests, who have supported this initiative, as well as relatives and endearing friends who were part of all the adventures together with our champion Víctor Genao.

The release of the book “Living Without Fear” was sponsored by Grupo Cometa, Casa Brugal, Sky Cana, Cuesta Libros, Botello Motors, Silicón Mix de Laboratorios Rivas, Akbar Dominicana, Plaza Merengue, Club de Pesca CPB Bonao.