Carlos Baute boasts that his eldest son, José Daniel, sings “very similar” to him: video | Famous

Carlos Baute shared a video with which he showed that his eldest son, José Daniel, sings practically the same as him.

It was on January 3 when the Venezuelan singer-songwriter showed the vocal skills of his firstborn, who is the product of the relationship he had with Nayera Arellán more than three decades ago.

Carlos Baute’s eldest son sings very similar to him

Baute posted a clip on his Instagram account, showing José Daniel performing his hit “Hanging in your hands.”

After a few seconds, Carlos himself joins his son to interpret the song, which he originally recorded with Marta Sánchez and was released in 2008.

“This is my beautiful son, I love him. Kisses, kisses, goodbye, ”says the artist when he finishes singing, while he hugs José.

To accompany the audiovisual material, the former member of the Los Chamos group wrote a message in which he stated that his son has a tone of voice very similar to his.

“My son sings similar to me!” He declared.

Baute’s publication generated an impact among his followers on the social network, who did not miss the opportunity to emphasize that José Daniel and his father are identical.

“Two drops of water, how beautiful! Long live the family, music, life and love”, expressed the actress Inés María Calero in the comments section of the post.

Carlos Baute and the difficult story with his first child

Although Carlos Baute and his eldest son currently have an excellent relationship, for 12 years they were estranged and in legal disputes.

According to ‘El País’, in a report published in June 2021, José Daniel was born when the singer of ‘Nothing compares to you’ was 15 years old and Arellán was 14.

“When my mother got pregnant, my grandmother, who was the breadwinner, went to tell the Baute family to see what they could do. Her response was to slam the door in his face, ”he told El Mundo in 2020.

After that reaction, Nayera moved with her son and her family, and “definitely broke the relationship” with Carlos. It wasn’t until Daniel was eight years old that she confessed who his father was.

In 2009 José decided to contact Baute, so he first approached his father, who offered to promote a rapprochement, but unfortunately he died months later.

Precisely at the funeral of his paternal grandfather, Daniel met his father for the first time; however, the meeting did not go well.

“When I went up to greet him, he shook my hand, coldly saying: ‘Hello, delighted’, as if he were any of those attending the funeral. Immediately his manager came and pushed me away, ”he said about it.

After a year later he held a useless meeting with Baute, who wanted to know his “intentions”, José opted to sue him so that he would recognize him as his son.

In 2013, a court declared that he was the artist’s biological son, but that did not lead to a relationship between them. The following year, Daniel sued Carlos to give him alimony, but the authorities finally favored the singer.

In 2019, the young man started a new legal battle against his father, this time for damages, claiming financial compensation.

In 2021 it emerged that José had withdrawn the lawsuit. His lawyer then indicated that both parties met again and reached an agreement, almost a year earlier, but decided to remain silent on the subject.

Baute spoke of the reconciliation with his eldest son in a post, which he uploaded to Instagram in June two years ago.

“After misunderstandings on both sides, José Daniel and I have the father-son relationship that should have always been,” he said.