Carlos Cuevas does not forgive his sister Aida; he demands apology and compensation

“We’re winning!” Says the singer Carlos Cuevas when talking about the legal lawsuit he is holding against his sister and his lawyers, whom he describes as “the gang.”

caves says the defamation trial has taken longer than expected due to the pandemic. “If the closure of the courts and the quarantine had not gone through, this would have already been resolved and the trial would have already been resolved in my favor.”

The singer has been in this lawsuit for three years for defamation in a lawsuit that, however, began seven years ago when he was Aida Cuevas who accused him of having raped her.

That lawsuit was withdrawn and each one gave different conclusions: Aida said that she withdrew it because the aggression against her had already been proven, but Carlos said it was because that aggression could never be proven.

In the middle of the lawsuit, there was an anecdote that involved John Gabriel and of which it was not known to what extent it was true. With the death of Divo de Juárez, the version emerged that Aida was about to marry him and the singer herself said it publicly. But Carlos Cuevas He questioned that version and added another element: that what his brother really wanted was Juanga’s inheritance.

When Aida Cuevas Withdrew her lawsuit, the singer began legal proceedings against her and her lawyers, whom she accused of defamation.

“What I ask for is a public apology and the compensation established by law because of course there are expenses, you have to pay lawyers and paperwork,” says Cuevas.

a special show

Carlos prepares for this May 10 a show inspired by his own mother, who taught him to sing boleros.

“She left ten years ago but they remain in my memory for everything I learned from her; She was an extraordinary woman with whom I lived great moments, not only when she was a child but after her, when I was able to have her living by my side”, recalls Cuevas.

The promise that the singer makes for those who attend the concert is that they will listen to the classic boleros.