Carlos Thornton: “My dad influenced me to like acting” | SHOWS

Carlos Thornton Olano, the young actor who plays “Gregorio” in the telenovela Maricucha”, admits that his father, Carlos Thornton, was a positive influence for him to decide to choose an artistic career.

“The fact that my father is an actor influenced my passion for acting, but my interest grew and developed because of my mother’s brother, he taught me movies, music, from a very young age. When I entered university, the first thing I began to study was music and after a year I switched to theater”, says Patricia Barreto’s heartthrob on the soap opera.

Did the decision to study theater at university generate resistance in your family?

Not in my case, my mom didn’t want me in front of the cameras at first, but she didn’t say it in a bad way. Thank God I had a lot of support from my family.

Sometimes the family is the main barrier for those who seek to pursue an artistic career.

What a pity that happens. In my case, I wanted to be an actor since I was little, then I got into music and started playing. So that duality still persists in me, but I do consider that today I develop more in acting than in music.

It’s inevitable that they always mention your dad, does it bother you?

Not that it bothers me, I’m proud of where I come from of course. What bothers me is that they don’t refer to me as me, but as someone’s son. I’m not just the son of Carlos Thornton.

But you will see that in a few years, they will say, Carlos Thornton the father of…

Of course, precisely because times have changed and my dad’s era is different. I am not the only one who is reminded of his father, there is also Estéfano (Christian Meier’s son), both of us are in the soap opera by coincidence.

But it was not because of your father’s influence that you arrived at the Maricucha casting.

I had done a chapter for “The Miracles of the Rose” and then they made me a note in “La banda del chino”. They saw me in that report and they called me for the casting, and apparently they liked me because here I am. I earned it.

Gregorio is a character that you have had to face and give him humanity.

I dealt with it in a very human and direct way, because this character, who hasn’t had any relationship with the first season, in fact hasn’t seen Maricucha since she left for Lima, so he’s completely unaware of the story. He has based his entire life on achieving everything that Gregorio and Maricucha had promised. And that is something very idealistic.

The university gives you theory, television sets give you practice, which one do you value more?

Theory and practice definitely go hand in hand, only with practice you don’t know the depth of what you’re doing, you don’t understand what you’re doing. They’re just telling you to do something, you do it and that’s it, but you’re not understanding. But when you apply the theory in practice, you have an idea of ​​where the performance is going.

There are those who on television give the opportunity to unprepared media characters.

I do agree that people who have not studied should be given an opportunity, it is true that studying is very, very important, it is vital, but it does not mean that someone is completely useless. Those who have not studied also have a lot of talent. Just give it a try and boost them.

The bad thing is that later they don’t want to prepare…

It’s not bad, because perhaps they don’t always want to act, they want to do something else, but if they want to continue in this field, work in audiovisuals or on stage, I understand that studying is very important.