Carlos Trejo mocks Alfredo Adame’s serious burn

Recently Alfredo Adame He suffered a serious accident, he was traveling to Cuernavaca on his motorcycle after having exercised in a gym, however, he was trapped between a water pipe and another vehicle, so He ended up with a serious burn.

Meanwhile, the famous and controversial actor is in recovery waiting for him to scab over, so Carlos Trejo reacted to his misfortune, did not hesitate to mock of what happened to his colleague and was even recorded so that the message would reach him directly.

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It was through his official Twitter account that Carlos Trejo He was happy when he found out what happened to Alfredo Adame, with rudeness and high-sounding words, the ghost hunter took flight in attacking the actor, assuring that motorcycles were for men.

“They tell me that Adame suffered an accident in Viaducto and Tlalpan because he was on a motorcycle. You idiot, motorcycles are for men, not for stupid people like you!” Trejo said.

The writer of the book Cañitas did not hesitate to make fun of Adame’s accident and ended up telling him that he would soon go “spit” on his grave, in addition, Carlos’s companions also made fun of the serious burn.

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In the small clip, Trejo asks his companions how they see the situation and they respond “we are men, not clowns”, and then release a “Grab a pich * tricycle, it’s what you should grab, not a motorcycle”. To finish, and with the mocking smile that characterizes the ghostbuster, he sent Adame to say: “You are a clown, little man and filthy. Too bad, not even the devil wants you, trash.

‘I hope to spit on his grave’, Carlos Trejo mocks Adame’s serious accident. Photo: Capture

Let us remember that it was last March 21 when on the YouTube channel of the journalist Angélica Palacios, the actor recounted how his accident was, in addition, he sent photographs of the serious burn he suffered on his leg, for which he had to undergo a treatment.

On the other hand, the enmity of the investigator of paranormal phenomena and the controversial actor have not given up, because just when it seemed that the waters had already calmed down, they continue to be in a tailspin.

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