Carlos Vargas from the network showed the man who accompanies him and talked about romance

Carlos Vargas is enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Argentina. And as a good lover of networks, He has not stopped showing in them everything he has known and eaten.

The presenter of ‘La red’ did not travel alone. He did it together with a great friend and of course, the comments have not been long in coming.

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Precisely, the same famous spoke about the subject in a new Instagram story. And it is that, faced with so many questions and rumors that he was traveling with his partner, he decided to tell the truth.

“I’m going to tell you one thing. I am “patching” with a friend, and it turns out that her best friend tells her that they are asking her if she is bisexual because she “patches” with Carlos Vargas, because they are having a romance in Argentina, “he began by saying.

Is Carlos Vargas on vacation with his new love?

After his words of introduction, clarified that he is not traveling with his partner and that if he were I would not show it on networks.

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“If I work in entertainment, I clearly know how celebrities who, through gossip or innocently, end up showing their private lives work. I am clear that when I have a sentimental relationship they never find out because that piece seems a little vulnerable to me, as well as intimate and personal. So this bitch… is my friend.”

Even Juan López, Carlos’ ‘partner’, also spoke in those images: “Not because we drink wine, ‘patch’ and have our romantic plans are we something”.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to asking if they were a couple, several Internet users questioned the famous about Juan’s age, because they affirmed that he looked younger and even assured that he was very “chicken”.

But Carlos and Juan have not been alone on this journey. In several publications, the presenter showed his meetings and plans with actress Carolina Ramírez and her husband, who currently reside in Argentina.