Carmen Barbieri “spiked” the separation of Marcelo Tinelli and Guillermina Valdés: “You have to see who stays with him …”

Marcelo Tinelli and Guillermina Valdes are separating in a sea of ​​peace and tranquility. The couple broke up more than a month ago, but the bomb that exploded in the media this week was the end point of a relationship that lasted more than 9 years with many twists and turns.

For now, the worst of the exes has not surfaced, and it is speculated that everything will be in the framework of peace and tranquility. “Tinelli always had a good time with his ex. He doesn’t like those kinds of problems. The safest thing is that Guillermina lives in Le Parc and he stays with the Nordelta house for now,” said a person who knows them very well. .