Carmen Campuzano turned 10 years sober in 2022: she said that giving lectures on addictions motivates her not to drink alcohol | Famous

Alcohol consumption was one of the excesses that the model dealt with for a long time. However, 10 years ago he made the decision to abstain from this substance.

Carmen Campuzano turned 10 years sober: this is how she takes care of alcohol at parties

Christmas, New Year, posadas and other Christmas dinners and parties of this time are usually characterized by the presence of alcoholic beverages.

However, for the past 10 years, alcohol has had no place in Carmen’s life: neither this holiday season nor at any other time.

“I don’t drink a drop of alcohol. Yes, I smoke tobacco, but I don’t touch anything I shouldn’t touch, ”she expressed for ‘Sale el sol’, on December 28, 2022.

Campuzano explained that when other people drink around him, as may happen at the New Year’s Eve dinner, he simply hopes they toast his health.

“Let them have a drink for my health, because I don’t drink anything. I don’t taste a drop.”

Staying free of alcohol for a decade is an effort that has had a positive impact on her health and personal and professional life.

In fact, the professional aspect is a very important factor that drives her to continue her alcohol-free path.

Carmen is dedicated to giving conferences to people who deal with addictions, therefore, she considers it vitally important that her words and advice are consistent with their lifestyle.

“There must be a congruence with what I am doing with people, putting them back on track to resume their lives. So, I must be in my center, in my harmony, in peace with Carmen”.

Although Campuzano feels very happy with her 10 years of sobriety, she stressed that she does not only celebrate this achievement on important anniversaries.

“I celebrate every day. Feeling good”.

The former model also pointed out that this year she experienced an important moment in her professional life since she graduated as an international speaker, supported by a coach from the Spanish University.

“For me it is very important to give them the tools. Everything that I can offer to the people who trust this woman so that they can live well again. That they give themselves that opportunity, that they renew and reinvent themselves like me”.

Tell us, what do you think of the positive life change that Carmen Campuzano currently enjoys?