Carmen Geiss’ mother has died

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Of: Claire Weiss

Carmen Geiss’ mother died in February of this year. But only now does Robert Geiss’ wife speak about her pain. She also shares a photo of her mom on Instagram.

In the past few weeks, Carmen Geiss (57, all information about the Geissens on the topic page) had not seen her grief. Outwardly she was always strong, but secretly she had to cope with a painful loss. The entrepreneur’s wife now shares her emotional world with her fans on Instagram.

Carmen GeissGerman fitness trainer, singer, TV actress and former model
BornMay 5, 1965 (age 57), Cologne
size1.68 m
spouseRobert Geiss (married 1994)

Carmen Geiss speaks publicly about her mother’s death for the first time

February 13, 2022 was a painful day for Carmen Geiss. Because on this day her “beloved mother” died at the age of 83. Yesterday, May 4th, she would have been a year older. Carmen Geiss is now taking her mother’s birthday as an opportunity to publicly express her grief.

“I know that you didn’t like the public, but I want the public to know now what pain I endure,” writes Carmen, who herself is a mother of two daughters, on Instagram (all information about the Geissens).

Carmen Geiss’ mother has died
Carmen Geiss and an old picture of her late mother © Imago & Instagram/Carmen Geiss

Carmen Geiss celebrates her mother’s birthday the day after

“I miss the call today to wish you a happy birthday and I will miss the calls tomorrow that you wish me a happy birthday,” writes the blonde. Because on May 5th the former model has her own birthday. “Mom, I miss you so much.”

With a special photo, Carmen Geiss reminds her mom. It shows an old black and white photo of Anna Schmitz, Carmen’s mother’s name. The photo, which is several decades old, was colored later (Carmen Geiss used to look so different).

Carmen Geiss had a special relationship with her parents

“I’m grateful to my mother Anna for so many things,” enthused Carmen a year ago in an interview with ‘Neue Post’. “Because I learned a lot from her – especially respect and down-to-earthness. My mother also taught me honesty!”

Since the Corona crisis, Carmen has been able to see her mother less often than before. Anna lived in an assisted living facility. They would have called all the more for that. Carmen’s father Heinz († 73) has already died, he succumbed to cancer.

Another reason to mourn: on April 20, 2022, the Geissens dog died

The Geiss family recently had to cope with another death. In April, the family dog ​​Dex died after 14 years. Carmen and her daughters mourned publicly on Instagram. Sources used: Instagram/Carmen Geiss