Carmen Geiss: Ukraine comment causes a stir! “Conscience?”

Carmen Geiss: Your opinion on the Ukraine war causes quite a stir! “Have you no conscience?”

The Geissens: This is how Robert and Carmen became rich

The Geissens: This is how Robert and Carmen became rich

They are probably the richest TV family on German television: the Geissens. But how did Robert and Carmen Geiss become so wealthy?

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For weeks, people around the world have been preoccupied with the terrible war in Ukraine.

Also jet set lady Carmen Geiss does not ignore the terrible situation. When she expressed her opinion and thoughts on Instagram, it totally backfired.

Carmen Geiss comments on the Ukraine war – and receives harsh criticism!

In her reality soap “The Geissen family” displays Carmen Geiss the sunny side of life with her family.

But that doesn’t mean that Carmen Geiss doesn’t show sympathy for the situation in Ukraine. In a new Instagram post, the woman from Cologne is thoughtful – she is sitting at the table with a book in her hand.

She writes: “Sometimes it’s just good for me to read a book and forget everything else. Especially in the hard times we are going through right now. I hope peace will return soon.”

Although many fans comment on doves of peace and hearts under the post, there are also some who only have hard words for the mother of two.

Carmen Geiss in the crossfire – “Should that look intellectual?”

Some Instagram users are bothered by the pose or the action in general. You write:

  • “But you’re not relaxed about it, because you have to read a book alone and not have the film crew or the photographers around you.”
  • “I like the family very much and I always watch the shows. This is not meant to be spiteful, but you read a good book in a quiet corner and enjoy it.”
  • “Have you no conscience?”
  • “Doing something about it would make more sense than profiling yourself with a picture”
  • “Always nice to slime, you don’t give a **** what’s happening right now”
  • “Instead of reading, how about donating something? You would appear more authentic and believable there.”
  • “Is that supposed to look intellectual?”

But there are also fans who protect Carmen Geiss. “Are you not allowed to continue living your life?” writes someone. Another commenter has a request to the family: “My tip, anchor in the marina for an oligarch yacht.”


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Incidentally, Carmen Geiss herself did not respond to the criticism, instead she restricted the comment function. (kv)

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