Carmen Geiss: Visiting Princess Kate’s hairdresser in London

Princess Kate has beautiful hair – Carmen Geiss probably thinks so too and so the cult millionaire paid a visit to the royal hairdresser in London. Richard Ward not only made Carmen’s hair dreams come true.

Carmen Geiss: in the footsteps of the Royals

The Geissens are back on RTL2 and are making the British capital unsafe for the first time in the new season of “The Geissens – a terribly glamorous family”. Carmen entrusted her hair to someone very special while in London.

“I create glamorous hair. That’s what I do best,” Richard Ward reveals to the delighted Carmen. The cult millionaire has absolute trust in the star hairdresser – after all, Kate’s hair always looks perfect. It is also the Princess of Wales that Frau Geiss wants to emulate with her new head of hair: “I just wanted to look royal.”

Carmen Geiss doesn't let internet hate spoil her mood.

TV family Geiss in the AZ interview: “There is no competition for the Geissens”


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Princess Kate, seen here chatting with husband Prince William and Oscar winner Remi Malek, wore an unfortunate choice of color in an evening dress.

Unfortunate choice of clothes: Twitter users make fun of Princess Kate


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However, Carmen Geiss did not become a princess double. The 57-year-old stayed true to her style. However, Robert Geiss’ wife still felt royal during the visit to the hairdresser: “In any case, you are treated like a princess.”

Davina and Shania are also spoiled at the hairdresser’s

Richard Ward not only made Carmen happy, Davina and Shania Geiss were also spoiled by the royal stylist – although the two arrived at the salon a good hour late. Mama Carmen was not at all enthusiastic about it.

The Ward also shared the Geissens’ visit to the hairdresser’s on Instagram.

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Carmen’s voluminous waves are definitely a head turner. “You’ll see, it’s not too much,” Ward promised in parting.

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